Sitrad, cutting-edge technology and easiness for your HVAC-R project.

Sitrad PRO is the new Full Gauge Controls’ software for remote management of refrigeration, heating, air conditioning and solar heating installations.

Using Sitrad PRO is very easy. It was developed so that everyone can enjoy its benefits without needing greater knowledge in computer science and meets the strictest market requirements because it is constantly updated by a Full Gauge Controls team specially dedicated to this.

Versatile, with Sitrad PRO you access to installations from the most diverse segments, from supermarket chains, meat-packing plants and restaurants, to hotels, hospitals, laboratories and homes, among others.

It continuously evaluates, configures and stores temperature, humidity, time, pressure and voltage data, allowing a modification of instrument operating parameters with complete safety and accuracy, from anywhere in the world, via the internet, through a computer or mobile phone.

And what does it cost to have all these possibilities at hand? Not a thing. Sitrad PRO is available free of charge.

Try it. You will like.

See the advantages of using Sitrad

Step 1

At the installation site, you can use a computer or a TCP-485 connected to a 3G modem router!

Step 2

Remote monitoring saves costs of unnecessary service calls.

Step 3

Be a part of the Sitrad evolution by sending your suggestions directly to the Full Gauge Controls developer team.

Step 4

5 to 20% electricity savings without major investments.

Step 5

Quick and easy graphics and text reports.

How it works

How Sitrad works
Schematic of operation Sitrad

See the comparative chart: Sitrad x SitradPRO

SitradPRO x Sitrad

SitradPro has gone through Microsoft's rigorous validation process. Learn more by clicking here.

Sitrad PRO is much more versatile, because it has all the features of Sitrad and many others. See this comparative chart:

Characteristics implemented;

To be developed soon;

Characteristic Sitrad SitradPRO
Graphics and text (spreadsheet)
Periodic reports by email
Report printing preview and configuration
Encrypted database
Encrypted "client/server" communication
User groups and access permissions
Restricted user access to instruments
Restricted user access to converters and respective instruments
Software features restricted by user profile
Instrument parameter change log
Parameter logs changed directly into instruments
AuditTrail (information on which user made changes into the application)
Warning Management
Alarm warning sent by e-mail
Selected instrument alarms may be "disabled"
Send/view warning restricted by user
Alarm inhibited manually
Scheduled alarm inhibition
Delay setting in sending alarms
Alarm acknowledgement per user
Change Sensor of the instruments name in software
Change Display color in instrument display
On-screen and on-print customer name and logo
Remote management of multiple servers
Instrument management
Automatic search of tools and converters
Support for all models of the "plus" line instruments
Support for more than 247 instruments per installation (using more than one converter)
Viewer mode screen (multiple instruments on a single screen)
Datalogger manual loading
Datalogger autoloading after communication failure
Instruments RTC (clock) automatic adjustment
EasyProg and FG-Wi support
MOD-64 instrument rules and validations
Instrument de-icing and event schedule
Better instrument communication performance
May be used in ANVISA and FDA certifications
Microsoft quality certification
Other functionalities
Search for Sitrad servers on the internal network
Revenues registration and remittance
Printing the parameter values configured in an installation
Sitrad running as service without log on to Windows
Macros scheduling and running
Sitrad Mobile (access by smartphone)

Products with communication

And more...

New look

Nova aparência do Sitrad

The Sitrad PRO has a new layout, with an extremely intuitive and friendly appearance, in which all information is even more organized.

Objects (server, converter, and instrument), as well as functionalities, are arranged hierarchically.

Registration of converters and instruments

Cadastro de conversores e instrumentos Sitrad
  • 1 Automatically search for converters and instruments connected to the system.
  • 2 Create personalized information during the registration of converters and tools.
  • 3 Customize the "timeout" and the sampling time as needed.

Parameter Setup

Quickly change the instrument parameters with all functions in a list.

Blocking password

You may register a blocking password to further ensure secure access.


Activate only the alarms you want to be informed about.

Configure and inhibit alarms with even more versatility.

Click here and see the Release Notes