Release Notes | Updating Versions

Sitrad Pro

Update: 25/09/2017

Sitrad 1.2.7

  • Filter button and search added to the Event Log screen;
  • Right click on the list of servers now has the option "Edit server";
  • Adjustment in the display of decimal places in the values of MT-543E plus when using a PT-100 sensor;
  • Adjustment in the loading of graphics by Sitrad Mobile when the image is too large;
  • Adjustment in the automatic time setting of Microsol II E plus and RT-607 E plus to stop changing the time constantly;
  • Adjustment in the loading of the datalogger of MT-543Ri LOG;
  • Adjustment in the alignment of the chart of variables with the chart of outputs;
  • Other adjustments and improvements.
Update: 05/09/2017

Sitrad 1.2.6

  • Extra information on the local server name on the Remote home;
  • Installation diagram image in the initial Guided Tour;
  • Adjustments in the display of virtual limits on the graph and the alarm report;
  • Voltage limit setting on the MT-516 RVTi.
Update: 24/08/2017

Sitrad 1.2.5 RC2

  • TC-900 E Log v.2 added;
  • Translation of the system;
  • Miscellaneous adjustments.
Update: 24/08/2017

Sitrad 1.2.4 RC1

  • Start of the chart of digital outputs aligned with the start of the chart of variables;
  • Adjustment of the event schedule when the instrument only accepts the time in multiples of 10 minutes;
  • Other improvements of the chart visualization;
  • Logo "Windows 10 Compatible" added to the ‘About’ section of the application;
  • Error "dbContext disposed" fixed, which could eventually appearwhen generating reports;
  • Fixed an error that was displayed on the screen after sending a function to TC-900 E Log;
  • Validating the change of the instrument address if there is no longer another active instrument with the same address;
  • Improvements inthe data export to Excel.
  • Fixes in the texts and messages of the application.
  • Other adjustments and improvements.
Update: 14/08/2017

Sitrad 1.2.3 beta

  • TCP-485 WiFi converter registration;
  • Change of RS-485 network address in the instrument MOD64;
  • Alert on screen when Sitrad Local 4.13 and Sitrad Pro service are running at the same time;
  • Adjustments to the manual loading of the datalogger;
  • Option to activate the auxiliary output of Microsol II E plus;
  • Display of virtual limits in the chart adjusted;
  • Automatic chart update adjusted;
  • Disabling the advanced functions of TC-900 E Log when in basic mode;
  • Improvement to ignore invalid bytes in theinstrument response when the RS-485 network is noisy;
  • Event Log creation updated when someone changed a function directly in the instrument;
  • Other adjustments and improvements.
Update: 25/07/2017

Sitrad 1.2.2 beta

  • Automatic search of Sitrad Pro servers in the internal network;
  • Periodic delivery of text report and alarms via e-mail;
  • Improvement in the automatic converter reconnection when the converter has no registered instruments;
  • Activation of the auxiliary output of Microsol II E plus;
  • Improvements in the tools menu of the graphical report screen;
  • Other improvements and fixes from the beta version;
  • All implementations of Sitrad Pro 1.1.18.
Update: 05/07/2017

Sitrad 1.2.1 beta

  • Adjustment in the installation to avoid old database migration conflict.
Update: 03/07/2017

Sitrad 1.2.0 beta

  • Instruments: EnergyLOG plus, MT-516 RVTi plus, Microsol II E plus, MT-512 Ri LOG, RT-607 E plus, TI-44 E plus, MT-543 E plus, MT-543 E LOG, and VX-950 plus v.2;
  • Initial step-by-stepsystem configuration: When running for the first time the system allows changing the password of the 'admin' user, configuring the SMTP server to send e-mails, configuring security preferences, search converters and instruments, and has a system use mini-tutorial;
  • Import / Export receipt to file;
  • The user is allowed to specify a delay before sending an e-mail for a particular alarm in a particular instrument;
  • Server name registry created so that in the future the servers can be differentiated by name and not only by IP when making an automatic search of servers in the network;
  • Manual loading of the instrument datalogger. Until then the loading was done automatically just to fill gaps in the chart;
  • Option to save the current parameters of an instrument as areceipt;
  • Printingof an instrument’scurrent parameters;
  • Button to copy the table of current parameters of an instrument to Windows memory, thus allowing pasting the values in an Excel spreadsheet or e-mail;
  • Option to add horizontal and vertical lines in the chart;
  • Allowed to hide curves of a chart whenthe chart is already being displayed on the screen;
  • Printing of the event log and system occurrences;
  • Alarm report;
  • Option to activate alarm inhibition during defrost;
  • Limits configured for the alarm included in the respective alarm message;
  • Other improvements in screens and functionalities;
  • All changes included in Sitrad Pro 1.1.17.
Update: 25/07/2017

Sitrad 1.1.18

  • Improvement to identify the installation's unique ID.
  • Performance improvements on the server.
  • Name of the test server changed to 'DemoServer' in the new installations.
  • Improvement of the display of values of PCT-3001 plus.
  • Translation of the description of functions of MT-512E Log, TC-900E Log, and TC-960E Log.
  • Improvements in the routine of delivery of alarms bye-mail.
  • Minimum time between alarm deliveries increased from 1 minute to 3 minutes.
  • Other internal improvements.
Update: 13/07/2017

Sitrad 1.1.17

  • Sitrad PRO digital certificate renewed
  • Adjustment of the instrument tree in the reporting functionality - sitradpro-1460
  • Changes in the functions of MT-530 E Super v.3 - sitradpro-1512 corrected
  • Improper values in VX-950 plus - sitradpro-1481 corrected
  • Delivery of alarms via e-mail corrected to be in the language of each notified user - sitradpro-1508
  • Access tothe screen of parameters in instrument TM-543Ri plus - sitradpro-1535 corrected
Update: 04/04/2017

Sitrad 1.1.16

  • Sitrad splash screen updated (SplashScreen);
  • Instrument clock presentation adjusted;
  • Instrument name presentation adjusted;
  • Recipe generation validations included;
  • Change of instrument's registry data is now fixed;
  • Change of functions fixed on MT-530E inverter Super V.5;
  • Other adjustments and improvements.
Update: 20/02/2017

Sitrad 1.1.15

  • • Version changed from 5.1 to 1.1.
Update: 09/02/2017

Sitrad 1.1.14

  • 'Release Candidate' status removed;
  • Overheating temperature added on VX-950 plus;
  • Minimum password length set to five characters.Can be changed in the preferences section;
  • Adjustment on the Macros screen;
  • Adjustment on the save permissions screen;
  • Adjustments in the default permissions of the Technical user and the Operator user;
  • Adjustments to the recurrences of schedules;
  • Adjustments in the access permissions screen per user;
  • Adjustments in the display of the alarm limits in the graphic report;
  • Sending of periodic reports via e-mail fixed;
  • Sitrad logo fixed, which was not showing in the serial key email;
  • Chart that did not show the instrument’s communication failure is now fixed;
  • Other adjustments and improvements.
Update: 23/12/2016

Sitrad 5.1.13 RC4

  • Fixes and improvements for the defrost and the event scheduling screen;
  • Corrections and improvements in the general schedules screen;
  • Fixes for the graphic report screen;
  • Fixes for the validations of user blocking;
  • Corrections in the configuration of alarms on PCT-3001 plus;
  • Description of functions added for MT-512E Log;
  • Improvements in the alarm acknowledgement screen.
Update: 14/12/2016

Sitrad 5.1.12 RC3

  • Linking of Microsol II plus the auxiliaries to the respective event scheduling;
  • Inhibition scheduling, with a recurrence over the weekend, is now fixed.
  • Sending of functions of TC-900E Log is now fixed;
  • Inverted configuration of the number of horizontal and vertical lines fixed in the chart;
  • Generation of the instruments’ fault alarm during a connection failure of TCP-485 now fixed;
  • Improvements in the scheduling screen;
  • Date and time columns unified in the text report;
  • Option created to allow for the sorting of the text report by clicking on the column title;
  • Presets of text reports removed from the options for the periodic sending via e-mail;
  • Refresh button on the general alarm list screen;
  • Preventing the removal of all servers from the registry of servers;
  • Preventing the removal of a report preset while it is being used by a sending schedule via e-mail;
  • Improvement of the validation of registry keys.
Update: 21/11/2016

Sitrad 5.1.11 RC2

  • Performance improvement in remote access (data compression);
  • Several improvements in the graphic report screen;
  • Option added to show the values of the curves in the chart;
  • Defrost symbol changed on MT-512Ri screen;
  • Sorting of functions by column of values removed;
  • Display of values on PCT-410E plus screen fixed;
  • Fixed UPnP setting that was using the IP of the gateway to free the port on the network router;
  • Fixed the sending of e-mails that had, until then, been sent via a secure connection (SSL);
  • Status of the converters added to the list of converters on the server screen;
  • Fixed the alarm limits defined in the instrument that were not showing on the chart.
Update: 04/11/2016

Sitrad 5.1.10 RC1

  • Application changed from the beta to the Release Candidate 1;
  • Fixed removal of scheduling that was not stopping the event on the server;
  • Improvement to the recipe sending log;
  • Event logging screen resized.
Update: 01/11/2016

Sitrad 5.1.9 beta

  • Performance improvements when starting and stopping the service;
  • Performance improvements in its remote access.Some features will not work if the Desktop or the Service is running older versions;
  • Implementation of Model Microsol II plus v.3, v.4, v.5 and v.6;
  • Improvements in security validations;
  • Fixes in the generation of graphic reporting when several instruments are selected;
  • A converter connection status column added to the server information screen;
  • Fixes and improvements in scheduling (macro, report and inhibition).
  • Validation to forbid the repeating of converters’ names;
  • Instrument’s unprogrammed alarm (PPP) created on the instruments that send this information to Sitrad;
  • Blocking usersafter successive authentication attempts is now fixed;
  • Different colors created depending on the type of scheduling;
  • Improvements to the event logging screen;
  • Data loading progress display for the graphic report is now fixed;
  • Other improvements and fixes.
Update: 14/10/2016

Sitrad 5.1.8 beta

  • Alarm inhibition scheduling fixed;
  • Local server connection after installation fixed;
  • Reporting of printing and exporting fixed;
  • Fixes in the security configuration screen,which was not saving the number of failures for account blocking;
  • Change of the sensor’s name and color fixed.The same name was being replicated in other instruments;
  • Preventing macro from being saved without selecting a function;
  • Registration screen modified on Sitrad Desktop to make it more intuitive;
  • Going to the converter status screen after registering a new converter;
  • Other improvements and fixes.
Update: 07/10/2016

Sitrad 5.1.7 beta

  • Fixes in the listing of alarms that left the instrument name blank;
  • Alarm inhibition saving now fixed;
  • Fixes in the validation of third sensor alarm of PhaseLogE plus;
  • Improvements in the software registration process;
  • Improvement in the report generation of PCT-3001 plus;
  • Out-of-range alarms of some instruments modified.
Update: 04/10/2016

Sitrad 5.1.6 beta

  • Fixes in the validation of alarms;
  • Fixes in the server display sequence on the listing screen;
  • Fixes in the adjustment of the screen size when resizing the Sitrad Desktop;
  • Fixed the transparent border that was shown in the Sitrad Desktop when opened in Windows 7 with Aero active;
  • Fixed the issue of a function sending to another instrument that contains groups of functions;
  • Stop and restart service in Windows 10 fixed.It was not recording in the log and in some cases the service was not restarting;
  • Fixes in the display of decimal places in some of the instruments’ screen values;
  • Search option added to the alarm configuration screen;
  • Permission for the used port to try to make aNAT connection in the modem using the UPnP added to the Windows firewall;
  • Permission added to the database folder so that any user can erase the database;
  • Change of the icons that represent the instrument variables in the report creation screen;
  • Improvements to the display of values on MT-543Ri Log screen;
  • Translation of texts that were pending translation;
  • Performance improvements in remote access;
  • Other improvements and minor fixes.
Update: 14/09/2016

Sitrad 5.1.5 beta

  • Configuration of the outputs of implemented PCT-3001 plus;
  • Improvements in the software registration process;
  • Failure to enter the instrument’s setup screen is now fixed;
  • Exchange of information between client / server now optimized to improve the performance of the application;
  • Automatic reconnection when the server is restarted is now fixed on the Desktop;
  • Improvements and fixes in the view of the listing mode;
  • Access permissions created for new features;
  • Improvements in the registration of servers;
  • Fixes in the occurrence of alarms of TC-900Ri clock;
  • Fixes on the alarm query screen when connected to two servers simultaneously.
Update: 26/08/2016

Sitrad 5.1.4 beta

  • Software registration procedure now implemented;
  • Restriction of sending alarms per user;
  • Listing view screen ('Viewer' mode);
  • Instrument model PCT-3001 (partially) implemented;
  • Performance improvement when starting the service by moving the database update to the installer;
  • Preference 'proxy.keepAlive' created in the Desktop as a workaround for the blockage that we are facing with the new authenticated proxy of Full Gauge Controls;
  • Error message when changing the user's password is now fixed;
  • The error causing the disappearance of the client image after restarting the application is now fixed.
Update: 22/07/2016

Sitrad 5.1.3 beta

  • TCP-485 v.3 converter registration;
  • Option to connect an Ethernet converter using MAC Address instead of an IP;
  • Alarm occurrence inhibition scheduling per instrument;
  • Routine implemented to try andautomatically release / redirect port 8001 in the Internet modem using UPnP;
  • All of the Sitrad 5.0.38changes.
Update: 15/06/2016

Sitrad 5.1.2 beta

  • Client image insertion issuenow fixed;
  • Service initiation issuenow fixed;
  • All of theSitrad 5.0.36changes.
Update: 08/06/2016

Sitrad 5.1.1 beta

  • Service and Desktop installers unified;
  • Improvements in the configurations of the instrument’s alarm.Now the minimum and maximum values configured in the instrument's parameters are displayed;
  • All of the Sitrad 5.0.35changes.
Update: 28/04/2016

Sitrad 5.1.0 beta

  • Client image and name within the application and in printings;
  • All of the Sitrad 5.0.34changes.